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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Please take your time to get to know us and learn about our passion for culinary delights and our philosophy of the pleasure of coffee. I entered the world of coffee in 1983 – I was working in southern France where I had the chance to discover the Mediterranean coffee culture first hand. Thus, coffee and coffee culture became my passion. As a true pioneer of coffee culture, GLISS® Caffee Gruppe is spreading the joys and delights of Coffee from Germany to aficionados all over the world. We want to demonstrate that coffee is more than your regular cup of joe. We are sending that message via various media platforms: My own TV show "Caffee & Chocolade" on BonGusto, interviews on the radio and on TV, glossy magazines, seminars on cruises, like the MV Deutschland and the MV Bremen – with the goal of getting the message for extracting the maximum enjoyment from your coffee out to coffee aficionados around the world.

Whether you already are a coffee connoisseur or whether you want to become one - please visit us.

Please let us know if you have a product or a business idea related to coffee or culinary delights –we have the passion and the right concept for showcasing your product.

Michael Gliss & Team


GLISS® Caffee Gruppe Köln – Experience the unique diversity of Coffee & culinary delights.

After graduating from high school, Michael Gliss travelled to the Côte d’Azur, fell in love with the country, learned French and worked as a Barrista, using a semi-automatic espresso machine with four brewing units. Thus, in 1983, he entered the world of coffee. Today he is deeply enmeshed in all its passions and delights.

By opening up the GLISS Cafee Contor in 2001, Michael Gliss fulfilled his long held dream of roasting and distributing coffee that meets the highest standards of quality. The GLISS Cafee Contor is the cornerstone of the GLISS® Caffee Gruppe and in hindsight this was a natural outcome of Michael Gliss' time at the Côte d’Azur.

Beforehand, Michael Gliss had been certified as Coffee-Sommelier by the Institute for Coffee Experts in Vienna, the epicenter of coffee culture and thus was the first Coffee-Sommeliers in Germany.

Michael Gliss' journey into the world of coffee began in the 1970ies when as a 13-year-old he helped harvesting hay on the fields west of Cologne. For their break, the farmer's wife brought out hearty sandwiches and …coffee in a thermos. Coffee definitely wasn't the beverage of choice for a boy of that age, but it was a rite of passage, an entry into the world of adults.

The roasted coffees of the GLISS® Caffee Gruppe are all our own, exclusive roasts, with the beans directly imported from coffee farmers and co-ops. All our coffees can be traced back from your cup to the coffee tree and the individual grower. The farmers and co-ops do not use any pesticides or herbicides. Transparency, as well as living and working in harmony with nature are essential for being able to deliver now, as well as in the future, the best qualities of coffee that our partners grow.

GLISS® Caffee Contor
Sales & Distribution

GLISS® Caffee Contor
Sales & Distribution

Michael Gliss started out developing concepts for establishing and managing a distribution system for coffee in Germany, inter alia for Italian espresso machines and German coffee roasters. This soon gave rise to the idea to complement the premium espresso machines with premium coffee. Starting out in whole sale, Michael soon entered the retail market. By opening the GLISS® Caffee Contor, Michael and his wife Claudia established an island for connoisseurs of premium coffee in downtown Cologne. Michael Gliss imports these premium grade coffees from small-scale coffee farmers in Central and South America, Africa and Australia. All the coffee he distributes is fair trade and organic. This ensures that the consumers can always be guaranteed that the coffee meets the same exacting quality standards. Additionally, this ensures that his suppliers achieve a higher-than-average price for their products; thus securing their livelihood and protecting the natural resources.



Coffee - hand roasted according to our proprietary formula

Michael has the green coffee roasted by a long established and family operated coffee roaster in Westphalia. The GLISS® Caffee Gruppe is thus one of the few well regarded mid-sized German enterprises, holding ground against the onslaught of the big industrial coffee roasters by marketing and distributing its own coffee. The product line comprises of about twenty different roasts that are freshly roasted and delivered every day.

GLISS® Caffee Contor offers a comprehensive range of consultation services. Customers are asked about their usual method of preparation, their preferences in taste and their mode of consumption.

Coffee Connoisseurs who are indecisive or simply ready for a new experience can sample our different roasts at our premises or at home. The finest chocolates, baked goods, jams, porcelain and souvenirs complement the culinary delights on offer.

Some of our product line has been available online since September 2006 via www.gliss.de

Since 2002, the small coffee bar GLISS®  Caffee Cult in Bensberg, close to Cologne, is also part of the GLISS® Caffee Gruppe. This is yet another option for sampling our exclusive roasts, as well as Cappuccino, Espresso and other delicacies.


Excursions into the world of coffee

The experiences and insights gathered on the shop-floor and in conversations with customers are important sources of inspiration for Michael Gliss. Hence, exclusive seminars for customers and coffee connoisseurs are offered on a regular basis in the shop in the Sankt-Apern-Straße in Cologne.

As a coffee expert, Michael uses interactive methods and anecdotes to convey the exciting history of coffee to a group of six to ten participants. In the second part of the roughly three-hour-long seminars, the participants prepare different roasts and provenances on their own and sample the results. You can sign up directly at the GLISS® Caffee Contor. Additionally, at any time of the year, Michael Gliss conceptualizes and arranges customized seminars and events regarding coffee for businesses, organizations and groups.

In order to share them with the general public, Michael and Claudia Gliss have assembled a variety of fine and proprietary roasts, ranging from mild to semi-sweet to savory, in their exquisite coffee-boutique in Cologne. There are many more culinary delights that are popular with our customers:. Excamples include the dark chocolate with candied rose petals and the sunflower honey from a small scale farmer from the Perigord, or the finest of all coffee pots, "Oskar", made by Sowden.

"We'd be delighted to welcome you to our premises with a coffee or an espresso, all made according to your personal preferences."

GLISS® Caffee Contor

St.-Apern-Straße 14–18 | D-50667 Köln
Telephone +49(0)221 - 2 50 83 83 | Facsimile +49(0)221 - 2 50 83 56
E-Mail: caffeecontor@gliss.de
Opening hours: Mo.–Fr. 9.30–18.30 | Sa. 11.00–18.00
Closest public transport stop is "Neumarkt"



GLISS® Caffee Cult
Coffee Bar

Simply stepping into the small coffee bar GLISS® Caffee Cult on Schloßstraße in Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg (close to Cologne) one is enveloped by the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. This is where coffee-lovers of all ages gather for a break from their daily routines, for a pleasant chat or for reading a good book.

There is something here to suit every taste, all beverages being prepared by expert hands from the choicest beans, whether it is an espresso, a Latte Macchiato, a Cappuccino or – just right on a hot summer day – an icy Frappé. The beans will always be ground on the spot, immediately before your beverage is prepared. "We are looking forward to your visit und to bringing a smile to your face with that perfect cup of coffee."

GLISS® Caffee Cult

Schloßstraße 20 | D- 51429 Bensberg/Bergisch-Gladbach
Telephone +49(0)2204 - 96 81 66
E-Mail: bensberg@gliss.de
Opening hours: Mo.–Fr. 8.30–19.00 | Sa. 9.00–18.00 | Sun. and Holidays 11.00–18.00


GLISS® Cottage
Art de vivre and culinary pleasures

A bespoke brand identity, centered around culinary pleasures

A unique meeting place for culinary pleasures and a showroom under the exclusive direction of the Gliss team, located at the outskirts of Cologne. This monastery, which is over 200 years old, is presented to the public for the very first time. This is where we passionately set the stage for customized brand identities, to be presented on TV, radio, in print and in the Internet.

Regular public relations events and media get-togethers are scheduled and the curiosity is growing….

Culinary brands find their partners in the media, in marketing, trade and distribution and discover how best to communicate with customers.


We offer culinary arrangements that are customized for each and every client. The interior area of 200 square meters sports a cross-vaulted ceiling and an open fireplace. The area outside is 400 square meters. It is conveniently located close to Cologne, the S-Bahn, the motorway and parking ramps. Valet parking is available.


b-Cottage2.jpgContact & Organisation:
GLISS® Cottage | Claudia Gliss
Tel./Mobil: 0176-60919070
E-Mail: claudia@gliss.de

GLISS® Cottage

  • A historical monastery building with vaulted ceiling and open fireplace at the edge of the forest, just outside of Cologne
  • Get together in a cozy and homey atmosphere
  • Events addressing all senses, all centered around pleasant culinary experiences. 
  • Meet new people that share your passion or are open to discovering something new 
  • Art, Culture, Music
  • Enjoy the good live and feel at home in good company
  • Learn new and fascinating things about food, beverages and culinary pleasures


Adress: Im Klosterhof 8 |  50226 Frechen-Königsdorf


Miss Gliss – your hosts at the exclusive GLISS® Cottage

  • Hospitality in a homey atmosphere 
  • Creativity and home made cooking
  • The joy of discovering and trying something new
  • The "Recipe Forge" – create your own recipe ideas
  • Performances and Cuisine
  • Re-discover old cooking techniques (e.g. pickling and making preserves)
  • Cooking, baking, making jam and preserves –exclusively with all natural ingredients
  • Based on the home and country style cuisine of various regions
  • Fun and pleasant from beginning to the end
  • We always had a passion for solid, simple and seasonal cooking
  • Our passion for food started early on in our grandmother's garden
  • Planning meals together, setting the table and arranging the party in tune to a certain theme – and enjoying the dinner, the candlelight and the music complete the evening
  • We are constantly being inspired to try new dishes, new spices and new combinations by our travels
  • We cherish serendipity and sharing culinary pleasures with others.


Contact & Organisation:
Miss Gliss | Claudia Gliss
Tel./Mobil: 0176-60919070
E-Mail: claudia@gliss.de